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Transport Canada Licensed
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  • Over 40 hours logged
  • More than 170 flights
  • SFO Qualified
  • Radiocom (Aeronautical)

Kevin Donnelly

Transport Canada Licensed Pilot

Kevin Donnelly is a Transport Canada Licensed RPAS / UAV Pilot, with a broad spectrum of qualifications. His education and experience informs his mindful and methodical approach. Kevin is fueled by his passion for understanding the importance of accuracy and precision. Considering himself a ‘forever student,’ he is eager to both build on his academic foundations and stay in tune with the latest strategies through continued coursework.


His hunger for knowledge, accuracy and determination to turn information and projects into action has contributed to his most recent success at VantageView Aerial Photography LTD, where his combined experiences and education have shaped his impeccable skills as a Drone Pilot. As a result, he vastly improves the productivity and quality of each job by implementing strategic project management methods and ensuring on-site personal, environment, property and flight safety.


As a UAV Pilot Kevin believes mindfulness in the industry is key to success, a principal he lives out through his interests in photography, nature, art and more.  Always interested in a challenge, not only does Kevin perform his duties as a Drone Pilot, he is also the Owner and CEO of VantageView Aerial Photography LTD.


To embrace the full potential of the industry, while providing unparalleled quality and aerial access.


To reinvent how we view the world from above, while staying grounded from below.


Extensive background in meteorology, transportation, engineering, aviation, photography and more.